A "hot" dentist reacts to the new fame after a viral video

Dr. Rich Constantine accepted more than 20 new patients following his dance video.

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  1. We just want more professional men like Dr. C to spread positive energy and show their fun side to the world as examples to all other men. We want other men to know that this is the bar (standard) by which we (women and children) measure all men in deference to their leadership roles in our society as men (great leaders) and potential husbands! Thank you Dr. and Mrs. C, for epitomizing that positive energy and greatness! Now, can we see both of you dance? ???

  2. The doctor is so handsome, but when I look at his wife, he is actually married to a beauty queen for 13 years. May god bless their marriage with happiness.

  3. No more of these weak videos for you thirsty tramps

  4. He just posted this to Drum up more business and to possibly hook a little on the side!! Let's get REAL!!!!!

  5. He looks better with facial hair.

  6. Dam your fine. Congratulations beautiful. Your scored BIG

  7. Gorgeous couple.I might travel to you for a cleaning.

  8. He's good looking but knows it

  9. Well dentists are in the business of making smiles.. You definetly made me smile ????…

    BLACKS DO IT = No reactions
    WHITE MAN DOES IT= goes viral
    We're all having fun. We need more unity and less segregation amongst us.?✌

  11. His wife is not bothered? Huh. She know she came on TV with her husband to put those thirsty chicks in check, he's taken!!!

  12. They are such a beautiful couple and seem to have such great bedside manners (personable) as health professionals… doc has some killer rhythm/swag as well…

  13. she a cougar..much older than the lil guy

  14. Wow! Love the dance moves! And he must be an even greater dentist. I need an appt. like now.

  15. They are a very handsome couple. Hope his practice thrives!

  16. I heard him say in another video that his wife and him have dance battles at home. They both seem like fun. She is so beautiful, those eyes! Wow! And I love her earrings too! He obviously is a great dancer. Nice couple!

  17. I think his wife is a cougar ?looks like a huge age gap. Get it girl ?