A Humboldt State University Officer Stops Passenger Video That Becomes Viral


Samantha Alonso Luna was arrested following an altercation with an officer of the UPD. Alonso Luna was detained because he was suspected of having resisted arrest, to have used the battery of a peace officer, to be publicly intoxicated and to have provided false identity papers to a police officer.



26 thoughts on “A Humboldt State University Officer Stops Passenger Video That Becomes Viral”

  1. 5 Pigs form the Nazi-Terrorist-Organization=police and 1 Girl szszszszs (is that Nazi-Germany?) I Hobe the People Worldwide WAKE UP and see what this "police" is a System NAZI-TERRORIST-ORGANIZATION and this Organization is a Dangerous for the Peoples,Family's and the WORLD-FREEDOM!!!

  2. They better call for backup, I mean she is a 16 year old girl, we all know they are more fierce than a grizzly.The girl being arrested is hot, the cop is a bull dike, I am on the hot girls side on this one.

  3. When stopped by the cops — lock your doors.
    Do not talk to the cops if you are not the driver.
    Only open the window a few inches.

    AND DON'T GRAB THE FUCKING WOMAN COP BY THE HAIR! OMG, that woman just turned a ticket offense into a felony. What a stupid cunt!

  4. This stupid women has a Gofundme page to pay for her legal fees. She deletes any negative comments and is manipulative to try and get money. She has been offered free legal support but still has a campaign to get public money.

  5. Yeah, of course only show the part where the police officers are wrongdoing. ? All for this girl to be getting her fifteen minutes of fame, she also lied to the officer about her name: Samantha Luna.

  6. Pretty obvious, these police officers should lose there job, pension and should never aloud in a job that gives them authority ever again. They black list people without remorse, they should be treated the same way.

  7. Well, I've watched this and read articles from about as many sources I could find. Before we handle the assumptions the officers made, let's recap the circumstances and figure out whether the actions the officer took were actually warranted, because all of you idiots are sticking with the badge and gun without applying some common sense. 1.) They were pulled over because someone else in the vehicle stuck their head out the window. 2.) It seems that before Luna even began asking questions the officers had already taken/detain the person who triggered the traffic stop to begin with. 3.) This is important because you do not need to provide ID unless you are being suspected of a crime or reasonable doubt. 4.) Given that Luna was not driving, and she was not the reason for the traffic stop to begin with (as far as we know), then there is no reason the officer should have forced her to provide ID, based on this false pretense the officer would have never assumed underage drinking because she had no reason to pull her ID or ask questions beyond the scope of the traffic stop. 5.) No breathalyzer test was taken, so throw away your conspiracy theories, in court, she will be seen as sober. Good luck proving otherwise, defense. 6.) For all you trying to say she provided false identification, you are retarded, she gave her name, first and last, beyond any ambiguity or grey area. If my full name is X Y but I have a shorter first name I go by, 'x' then I will never expect to be thrown out of my car for choosing to say Dave Y rather than David Y. There was no difference in logic here either, she said my name is X Y, but her license simply stated X y Y. 7.) As far as the assault and resisting goes, I question the officers reasons for initiating a conflict in the first place. Luna was asking questions, getting information, and the officer was just a crackhead cop with a bruised ego, granted I was disappointed that Luna took it a step further by pulling the officers hair, even though if you slo-mo the video it is apparent that the officer pulled her hair first, and was aggressive from the beginning. I don't care who you are, even if you say "it's illegal to assault a cop", well it's illegal to assault anyone, why was the cop assaulting her and throwing her out of her car when she wasn't in the scope/focus of the stop to begin with… Internal affairs this bitch all day, and hopefully she gets fired and goes to work for Wendy's, they already have rat problems.

  8. I would have sprayed this loud mouth bitch with pepper spray! I'm sick of these young dickheads, acting like their have some kind of entitlement to be rude and disregard lawful directives by police. The facts stand that they were being stupid in their car, and police stopped them to get details and this out mouthed "Samantha Luna" the bigmouth from Mexico, who should be on the other side of Trumps fence, decided to up the game with her conduct. She is seen striking the female officer then kicking the male officer as her little coward friend says " We're taking you guys to court"… AS IF THE POLICE GIVE A SHIT about going to court you pack of idiots! The lot of you should have been sprayed… idiots, you deserve what you all got.

  9. This cop is freaking ignorant she didn’t believe she had two last names. If your Mexican you have two last names. I believe she was just a racist bitch that has nothing else to do. People like her make me sick she wasn’t even driving the car and SHE started to attack and cause violence. Proves how mature she is

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