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A man in Viral Photo who bought $ 540 of Girl Scouts cookies is stopped

GREENVILLE, SC (AP) – A man from South Carolina who has purchased over 120 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to help scouts escape the cold has been arrested for possession of drugs.

According to news agencies, the 46-year-old Drug Enforcement Agency of the United States, Detric Lee McGowan, was arrested on Tuesday on charges of conspiracy to distribute fentanyl and cocaine. The agency claims that McGowan is the same man who appeared on a photo that garnered thousands of views and exchanges online.

Mother Kayla Dillard shared the photo on Facebook, saying the man had paid $ 540 in cash for all the girls' cookies so they could escape the cold outside a store near Greenville, South Carolina. She said she did not understand the name of the man.

An indictment released last week indicates that McGowan, also known as "fat," is one of the suspects in an ongoing drug investigation. He says he and 10 other people have conspired to import drugs from Mexico by the end of 2018. The US prosecutor's office said the authorities were still looking for one of the suspects.

Karen Kelly, Vice President of Recruitment and Marketing for South Carolina Girl Scouts, said her organization would cooperate with the authorities. She said Tuesday in a statement that the organization had no reason to believe that McGowan was "anything but one of our valued customers".

McGowan was being held in a Spartanburg County Detention Center. We do not know if he has a lawyer.

Greenville is about 225 km northeast of Atlanta.

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