A man thinks that a photo of NASA proves life on Mars – but that's not quite what we're waiting for

Of all the things to spot on Mars, a creature that is usually on the south pole of the Earth is not what you would expect to find.

But an amateur stargazer seems convinced of having found the real deal that proves it: there is really life on the red planet.

Steve Martin said he spent hours browsing Mars images of NASA before stumbling.

But strangely, he claims to believe that "the alien" coming out of the head behind a rock is nothing but a Humboldt penguin.

Humboldt penguins are usually found in South America and breed off the coast of Chile and Peru.

Steve sweeps images of the red planet by NASA

The Humboldt penguin is usually found in South America

Steve, perplexed, told the Sun: "I've always thought that there was life on Mars and now, I think I could have proven it.

"I spent hours watching pictures of NASA, but I had never thought of finding a penguin.

"I do not know how it went up there, but I hope NASA will study the chart carefully and figure out how and why."

The discovery marks an important week for astronomers after the revelation of the first images of a black hole.

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