The first Arab mission to Mars delivers interesting scientific data

[ad_1] Enlarge / New image of the entire hemisphere of Mars captured by the United Arab Emirates “Hope” probe. UAE Mission to Mars Since arriving on Mars eight months ago, the Emirates Mars mission has quietly begun to provide intriguing scientific data on the Martian atmosphere and its weather conditions. Named “Hope”, the probe is … Read more

Discoveries make exotic material commercially viable

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public domain A class of materials that once seemed capable of revolutionizing everything from solar cells to frying pans, but which fell out of favor in the early 2000s, may be poised for a commercial resurrection, suggest the findings of a research team led by the University of Michigan. Posted in Nature … Read more

NASA’s 12-year-old Lucy mission to Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids kicks off this week – how to watch it live

[ad_1] October 16, 2021, NasaThe Lucy spacecraft will begin its journey to visit a record number of asteroids. The 12-year mission begins at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where it will be launched aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V 401 rocket. From there, Lucy will be the first spacecraft to visit a record number of … Read more

Several asteroids larger than pyramids are heading towards Earth

[ad_1] Several asteroids comparable in size to the Washington Monument and the Great Pyramid of Giza will be heading towards Earth in the coming weeks, according to the NASA asteroid tracker. Each of these asteroids has an estimated maximum diameter of around 160 meters or more. This is remarkable, because an asteroid must be at … Read more

Experts identify oldest pre-human footprints in Crete

[ad_1] The oldest fingerprints made by pre-humans are over six million years old, scientists have revealed. About 50 of the tracks were identified near the village of Trachilos at the western end of the Greek island of Crete in 2002. They were found in a type of sedimentary rock that formed on the edge of … Read more

Scientists simulate life on Mars in Israeli rock crater

[ad_1] RAMON CRATER, Israel, October 10 (Reuters) – From the gate of the expedition base, a few paces to the left, an autonomous rover passes. A few giant steps to the right is a set of solar panels. The landscape is rocky, hilly, tinged with red. By design, he looks like Mars. Here in the … Read more