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A man with flares and a rifle shot at the Tacoma Immigrant Prison

An armed man who threw explosives at the Tacoma (Washington) immigration detention center was shot dead by police on Saturday morning.

The identity of the man was not revealed and the reasons for attempting to set the prison on fire were not determined. Tacoma police faced the prison at 16 East J at 4:00 am

The man was carrying a satchel and carrying flares, according to the police. He had set a vehicle on fire and tried to light a large propane tank. He continued to throw lit objects at the cars in the prison car park and buildings.

Police called the man, according to a press release issued by Tacoma police, and then shot at this man.

Using a blanket, they approached him and discovered that he had been shot. The man was declared dead on the scene, according to Tacoma police. No policeman was injured.

The Tacoma Northwest Detention Center is a private jail that welcomes migrants waiting for an eviction proceeding. According to the Associated Press, the center welcomes parents separated from their children as part of the "zero tolerance" policy of President Donald Trump.

The GEO group owns the 1,575-bed prison. In an email to The Associated Press, a spokesman for the company said that "baseless accusations" about how immigrants are being treated "have led to misplaced aggression and a dangerous environment for our employees, including safety is our top priority. "

The GEO group said in its email that its immigration prison in Tacoma has modern amenities with air conditioning, leisure activities, a bed for each individual and medical care available at all hours.

The prison has been a center of controversy, with demonstrations taking place almost daily and immigrants going on a hunger strike to shed light on their cases.

In November, a 40-year-old immigrant from a Siberian province of Russia died as a result of an ongoing hunger strike. According to his communications with a lawyer, it appears that his hunger strike was related to his case as well as to the conditions of the Tacoma prison.

Washington State also sued the company for failing to pay immigrants the minimum wage for work in that country.

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