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A new Nvidia Shield Android TV is under study

For months we have heard about a new Nvidia Shield under Android TV. Now it has been confirmed that there is a new Nvidia Shield named "Mdarcy. "

Rumors on Android TV The first time, after spotting a device in the Google Play console, the code name "mdarcy. "

From what we know, very little is changing with this Nvidia shield. All the specifications available online are identical to those of the current Nvidia Shield, with the exception of an upgraded Tegra X1 processor that is listed as Tegra X1 "T210 B01 " instead of the Tegra X1 "A2 " which is currently used.

From the documents we have, it seems that it is a minor update of the Nvidia shield. That said, all of this data could be updated later. Nvidia and other companies have long been recording incorrect information on a new device until they are ready to publish it.

It is not uncommon for a company with a long-running device, such as Nvidia Shield, to upgrade a processor without making big announcements about the change.

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