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Hidden Valley Supercars: McLaughlin first to win the Darwin Triple Crown – Supercars

Scott McLaughlin became the first Supercars driver to win the elusive "Darwin Triple Crown" with a dominant performance in the 200-kilometer Hidden Valley race.

The Triple Crown title refers to a victory over the first 120km race, the top 10 shots on goal for the second race and the 200km final of the Hidden Valley race, and this has never been claimed since 21 years. .

Already the winner of the first race and pole position Sunday, McLaughlin just needed the win in the final race. He clinched his place brilliantly by returning to 13.8 seconds of Erebus Holden driver David Reynolds with his teammate of DJR Penske Ford, Fabian Coulthard, third.

McLaughlin was only pressured once in the 70-lap affair, Reynolds at the quick start observing the inside of the pole-match in turn 5 of the first game.

After resisting this brief challenge, McLaughlin was able to quickly create a gap with Reynolds and the rest of the field.

His lead was more than a second in the fourth lap, 4 seconds in the 10th lap and 7.5 seconds when he and Reynolds stopped for the first time on the 19th lap.

While Reynolds was preparing for a long refueling, which put him back to sixth place, the middle relay was a children's game for McLaughlin.

He emerged just over 5 seconds from Cam Waters, who had already made a stop, his delay in the first 30 laps on the 30th lap.

McLaughlin was longer than the rest of the pioneers in the middle of the race, making his second stop only on lap 44, six laps later than Reynolds and Coulthard.

There was a nervous moment as he was almost released into the sides of Jack Smith after making that second stop.

But with the unsafe release avoided close behind, McLaughlin resumed with an 11-second lead over Reynolds.

From there, the defending champion was run without fail.

Reynolds triumphed in the battle for second place thanks to a second, shorter stop.

Having taken the pain at the end of the first stint, he was able to double Coulthard and Waters a second time.

Coulthard used a similar trick to beat Waters, who had to settle for fourth place after finishing second in the intermediate relay.

He could even have retreated further, with Jamie Whincup and Chaz Mostert just under his rear spoiler on arrival.

For Whincup, it was the roller coaster of a race; he found himself in 23rd position in the first round, after a confrontation with James Courtney.

He used a big cut with a first stop on the 14th lap to get back into the game, setting him up for an impressive fifth place.

Mostert has been strategic not to make his second stop before the window is about to close with 13 laps to go.

He was then able to advance to sixth place, just behind Whincup and just ahead of Tickford's teammate Lee Holdsworth.

Anton De Pasquale and Will Davison finished eighth and ninth, while Shane van Gisbergen completed the top 10.

McLaughlin now has more than one lap in the heat, with 319 points ahead of Coulthard.

Result of race two

1Scott McLaughlinDJR PenskeFord701h21m00.4130s
2David ReynoldsErebusHolden7013.8319s
3Fabian CoulthardDJR PenskeFord7014.8754s
4Cameron WatersTickfordFord7021.1617s
5Jamie WhincupTriple EightHolden7021.9110s
6Chaz MostertTickfordFord7022.3242s
7Lee HoldsworthTickfordFord7022.9110s
8Anton De PasqualeErebusHolden7027.6387s
9Will Davison23Red RacingFord7029.3597s
tenShane van GisbergenTriple EightHolden7031.9868s
11Andre HeimgartnerKellyNissan7035.7351s
12Mark WinterbottomSchwerkoltHolden7036.4050s
13Todd HazelwoodMatt StoneHolden7046.8917s
14James CourtneyWalkinshawHolden7046.9234s
15Nick PercatBrad JonesHolden7055.3366s
16Rick KellyKellyNissan7057.2348s
17James GoldingGRMHolden691 turn
18Tim SladeBrad JonesHolden691 turn
19Scott PyeWalkinshawHolden691 turn
20Simona de SilvestroKellyNissan691 turn
21Jack Le BrocqTeknoHolden691 turn
22Macauley JonesBlanchard / BJRHolden691 turn
23Chris PitherGRMHolden691 turn
24Garry JacobsonKellyNissan691 turn
25Jack SmithBrad JonesHolden691 turn

Driver ranking

1Scott McLaughlin1946
2Fabian Coulthard1627
3David Reynolds1487
4Chaz Mostert1400
5Shane van Gisbergen1399
6Jamie Whincup1390
7Cameron Waters1225
8Nick Percat1183
9Will Davison1136
tenLee Holdsworth1056
11Tim Slade1023
12Mark Winterbottom1009
13Anton De Pasquale1008
14James Courtney991
15Andre Heimgartner947
16Scott Pye871
17Todd Hazelwood820
18Rick Kelly771
19James Golding719
20Simona de Silvestro712
21Garry Jacobson590
22Macauley Jones573
23Jack Le Brocq568
24Richie Stanaway482
25Jack Smith219
26Chris Pither159
27Tim Blanchard93

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