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A school in Walton experiencing a chicken pox epidemic

WALTON, Kentucky – Officials from the Northern Kentucky Department of Health reported a chickenpox in a dozen students from a North Kentucky elementary school.

The Notre-Dame Academy of the Sacred Heart / Assumption Academy has 32 cases of chickenpox starting Thursday.

Chickenpox is a vaccine-preventable disease characterized by rash, itching, fatigue and fever that can last five to seven days. Chickenpox spreads easily when a person touches or breathes the virus that comes from chicken pox vesicles.

School and health authorities have been working to contain the outbreak since February, said Dr. Lynne Saddler.

"The Ministry of Health recently noted a worrying increase in the number of students infected at school, which prompted us to take new control measures at school and to inform the public the possibility that chicken pox is present in the community, "said Sadler.

All students without proof of vaccination or proof of immunity will be allowed to go to school only 21 days after the onset of rash for the last person with chickenpox. All games, events and activities are also canceled until 21 days after the last infection.

Chickenpox is especially dangerous for infants and all pregnant women or those with weakened immune systems.

Parents should watch for the symptoms of their children.

You can contact your doctor or

click here

to see where you can get vaccinated.

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