A shocking video shows a fan running on the ground and attacking Jack Grealish from Aston Villa from behind


The match between Birmingham and Aston Villa in England at Sunday's Championship provided a shocking and disgusting moment that will not be forgotten anytime soon and has raised concerns about player safety.

Jack Grealish of Aston Villa was attacked from behind by a fan who rushed to the pitch and knocked the talented midfielder in the first period. The man, who used his right arm to strike Grealish in the face, was quickly apprehended by security, but not before Villa Villa players got hold of him. It is important to understand that Villa-Birmingham is a derby, a game of rivalry that means more than all the others that the teams will play, and the emotions are always strong. And as a result, this unfortunately happened. Watch the wild video:

The English Football League quickly released the following statement on the situation:

"The EFL tolerates the insane actions of the individual who has encroached on the St. Andrews field on Sunday afternoon.This is a situation that no player should ever be confronted with." game must be able to do it safely, knowing that they will not be subject to this type of behavior. "

ITV reported on Sunday later that the man who had hit Grealish had been arrested.

And Grealish took revenge, but not with violence. He scored the only goal that allowed his team to win with a solid left foot shot:

As for the scary moment, it raises questions about players' safety and other steps to take to protect them, but luckily it was not worse. You can bet that this guy will never be able to see another home game in Birmingham for the rest of his life.

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