A shot at the Party House of Ball State University leaves 7 wounded


A shooting in a home in Muncie, Indiana, near Ball State University, has left at least seven people injured, including three in a state of "life threatening," authorities told reporters Saturday morning. . One of the victims was transported by air ambulance to an Indianapolis hospital.

"At approximately 12:45 last night, we received a call for shots fired at an address just off the Ball State University campus," Joe Winkle, chief of the municipal police, told the daily beast. There was a party at home with a DJ. He had attracted students from Ball State but also children from Muncie. "

At one point in the evening, there was a confrontation. Several shots were fired inside the house. The house, located in the 2400 block of Euclid Avenue in Muncie, had been rented or rented by several Ball State students, authorities said. There were between 50 and 75 people at the party.

"We interviewed between 25 and 35 witnesses. Some have just heard the shots, others have better details, "Winkle said.

Around noon Saturday, Muncie police arrested a young man named Vashaun Harnett. Police could not confirm Harnett's age. They accused him of two counts of attempted murder. Harnett admitted to shooting some of the shots, citing self-defense. "One of the victims, we have not accused him of [that one] because of self-defense, "said Winkel." But there were other victims who we believe did not attack him. "

Muncie's police said they did not believe the shooting was domestic terror or a hate crime incident.

"These are some guys who have had problems in the past, maybe with their families, who met at this party," Winkle said.

The person airlifted to Indianapolis is in a stable state, the authorities told the Daily Beast. There are two victims in a local hospital in intensive care. Two were released with minor injuries. Two spend the night in the hospital, but have no major injuries.

"I would like to congratulate all the officers who responded to the call for their excellent work regarding an extremely difficult and dangerous incident," said Muncie Mayor Dennis Tyler RTV6 Indianapolis. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families, our law enforcement will investigate thoroughly and we hope justice will be done for the victims."

Vice President Mike Pence landed in Muncie shortly after the Saturday morning shootout. He had come to deliver the opening address at Taylor University. In a tweet Saturday, Pence presented his condolences to the victims.

"Landed in Muncie, IN this morning and was informed of the shooting last night, "wrote Pence. "I congratulate the forces of order for their quick response. My prayers go to the wounded and their families. God bless them all. "

Winkle said the incident was a rare event in the small town of about 70,000 inhabitants of Indiana.

"We do not get a lot of calls, certainly this kind of calls," Winkle told RTV6 Indianapolis. "But I think every time you have a DJ and you learn that there is a party, you will attract a lot of different people from all over the city. So I think that's probably what happened.

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