A viral video of a millennial Muslim group "Sick Muslims" receives a flashback online


A viral video representing the millennial Muslim group Ill Muslims faces an online reaction for lack of true Muslim representation. what's your reaction?

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7 thoughts on “A viral video of a millennial Muslim group "Sick Muslims" receives a flashback online”

  1. I am not Arab. I am not from the middle east or Persia. I am not Indian. I am a Texan. I like dates and often break my fast during Ramadan with them HOWEVER, I also break my fast with Texas BBQ chicken. I do not have to be like you. All I have to do is believe in ONE GOD and that the prophet Muhammed (MPBUH) was his messenger. No were do I need to were do I need to ACT or have the culture of an Arab.

    My daughter doesn't wear the cloth on her head. My wife, my daughter and myself understand that Hijab was a concept, not a piece of cloth. I do not wear skinny jeans and my daughter dress modestly as well. I wear a shirt when I jump in a pool as a man.

    Ill be honest, Muslims in the world have lost it. You call yourselves Sunni and Shia. You continue to defy the Quran and separate yourselves. You kill each other in the name of our faith. I CHOOSE to be a Muslim and I do not let ANY MAN tell me what my faith is, as I have to answer to Allah and I can not say oh that scholar told me this or that. I learn, I read, I listen and I do not discount scholars HOWEVER I do verify them. Many of you quote Hadith as if its the Quran. Shame on you. There is only one Quran.

    What is disgusting is how we change our faith backbone while we worry about the little stuff. The middle east has wealth but instead of feeding the poor you build islands. Don't worry about my daughter lack of a cloth on her head or if a woman leads prayer. Look at yourself. You are the Haram.

  2. I think that if you begin by attacking Muslims for being where they're at in their spiritual journey, they will be more inclined to drop their Muslim identity and then they are truly lost to us. As a convert to Islam I can say where I am today is not where I was ten years ago. And many people here would've called me ridiculous or shameful, but luckily Allah shielded me from a lot of that nonsense so that I could be here today. And for a lot of people, where I am today is still not "Muslim enough". It amazes me how many people think they have been given the right to declare what is and is not Islam, or which doors on the path of Islam are valid or not. The number of Muslims who come to Islam through hip-hop and hip-hop culture would make your head spin. How many people have you turned away by your pontificating? How will you answer to Allah for those who were given a poor image of Islam by your constant finger-wagging and negative comments? Remember where-ever a person is now, isn't necessarily where they will end up. Allow all Muslims, even Ill Muslims, space and time to evolve.

    But that lack of black representation tho….

  3. As an non Muslim. I do not wish to insult any Muslim readers. Is it possible for young Muslim men and women to mix Luke thus without insulting Islam beliefs. If there was no alcohol or inappropriate actions.

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