A viral video shows a man from Weber County reprimanding a family at the campsite

A viral video shows a man from Weber County reprimanding a family at a campsite



  1. The new America. Rather than helping someone in need you yell at them and take their money.

  2. Shame shame in front of his kids too

  3. The white guy was mean and abusive. And I'm a trump supporter but I would never put up with this behavior from this trashy white guy how rude and mean of him. If I were there I would have helped them I wouldn't have taken their money

  4. Hahaha you fat racist pig ……

  5. Everyone should be treated as human beings. No exception s

  6. it goes to show that people can have a good personality at work and can be awful in their private life

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  8. this guy is screwd all the way around he got fired may be facing police charges and no body will hire him if they see what he did unless it's some pos that's the same as him.

  9. Next time be respectful to others

  10. Wyatt. It's not even listening to the family he's just saying move move move he's being an ass. Now his side of the story doesn't mean anything he just wants that campsite. The other guys broken down and he's explaining it to him that's his side of the story.

  11. I would have given him a Knuckle Sandwich…

  12. You’ve gotta admit. That guy has a killer set of man tits

  13. But…..he's a mechanic for the county??? Not working,…… can they legally fire him ???? Good ridens tho

  14. Shame he didn't end up hospital! I'd pay to see that ass whooping!

  15. ?????????Ok people this guy is an asshole but he never once insulted them for being Hispanic I’m latin myself people are out to make others seem racist for no damn reason to have an agenda because if someone put man screams at Spanish peaking people to me that sounds like the tittle is catchy because people are out to view more of those people… I seen far worse people here in YouTube assaulting and terrorizing others but because they are black or Latin it doesn’t go viral, people need to realize asshole come from anywhere black, whites, Latins, Asians but misleading tittles making people seem that they are racist and put tittle to make them seem racist is not a cool tactic it just feed to the divide and hatred in this country

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  18. White European trash act like barbarian

  19. Gonna take a lot of food stamps to feed that pop n fresh fatty

  20. I would have given that piggy little shit a good ole ass kicking!!

  21. He was placed on leave not fired

  22. Heavy D gonna hook it up!! haha so glad he got fired dumbass

  23. How you’re attitude can get you in big trouble, not the video!