A Weekend of Victory – Observations of Kings and Bucks Victories


The Sixers have now won the 52-18 Milwaukee Bucks and the 47-21 Golden State Warriors, which is pretty good.

Fantastic victory Sunday afternoon, and they really needed. They needed no win as they have now won four straight games, but they needed a decisive win, a solid W against one of the top four players in the Eastern Conference to strengthen trust and show the big NBA community that maybe this team Is have what you need to get out of the second round. This victory has been beneficial to the mental health of sports fans, writers, radio hosts and their wives. This will give us two days of high natural performance until Boston arrives in town on Wednesday night with the Sixers returning home for the second consecutive night.

But do not get ahead of ourselves here. Let's talk about the pair of weekend wins, which I wrapped in a Monday morning message, honestly because I was exhausted on Saturday morning and needed to recharge the batteries.

I looked back at the last eight minutes of the Bucks game this morning, and here's what hit me:

  • I liked Brett Brown's time-out around the eighth minute, which stopped and reset the game when the Sixers failed to catch two stray balls after removing a pointer from the back panel and a ball in the air.
  • Joel made take too many points, and the one that struck me the most is when Giannis scored about three minutes after 7 minutes and did the same with his own attempt at the other end. After this missed opportunity, from the next possession, he went to the rack to perform a rotating motion and-1, in order to bring the lead back to nine. He recalled when it counted, then went back to the bow for the clutch stroke towards the end of the game.
  • For Jimmy Butler, the situation was incredibly difficult. A step back from 22 feet? Drive straight into Giannis? It's a high level execution, elite.
  • I also liked Brett's time out at 4:28, when Pat Connaughton answered Butler three with another of his. It was another "let's get into gear and manage the game"Type of timeout.
  • Most of what the Sixers ran on the last stretch consisted of a simple pick and roll and a bit to half. They did not go to their typical elbow or to a 12-inch game, not that I saw. They went to a game of horns where Ben was blocked before reaching the edge, resulting in a goal Jimmy Butler 12-foot missed. They ran it again, this time with the elbow loop, around the 1:15 mark.
  • Joel looking for the backdoor when the offense turned into a game of two men around 2:30. This was the only poor possession that they had in the far right.
  • The false and drawn ball from Embiid was ridiculous and completely wiped out Milwaukee's momentum after a pair of three from Khris Middleton.
  • After Giannis fell asleep in Simmons and called him "fucking baby," Simmons stuffed him a dunk. What a scandalous sequence! I am really happy that the referees kept the whistles silent and did not do any technique. Let adult men play an adult sport.
  • Originally, I did not know at all what was happening with the waiting time less than two minutes, because the show sat for 10 seconds on this picture taken from the bench of the Sixers. I'm not sure the radio team understood that Philly was using a second timeout to advance the ball, which I suppose was a wise decision considering that she could not qualify for the mid-field with the last piece. In this case, you lose this second delay later to help you now.
  • It's a type of random note, but Malcolm Brogdon is a good defender and his absence makes all the difference.

I doubt very much that Milwaukee is still shooting 16-50 out of three. Nikola Mirotic is probably not getting ready for another night 0-6.

More than anything, Joel Embiid just came to play. He looked energetic, had composed and was ready to take up the challenge. In the same way, he really stepped up his efforts by offering two big blocks to close the game against Sacramento, which was tighter than I thought, as the Kings were on the second consecutive night after playing. in Boston on Thursday night.

And Jimmy Butler looked as good as he is since he arrived in Philadelphia. When he wants to attack and he's totally engaged in attack, he's as good as the Sixers for over 10 years.

Defend Giannis

Very interesting to watch Giannis play, is not it? He looks so much like Ben Simmons in the way he attacks the basket but does not shoot the ball very well, although he's probably a year or two ahead of Ben on the same exact growth curve.

Giannis is a three point scorer at 25% this year and hits at 27.6% for his career. He hit 3-8 yesterday, which is really good for him, but also very good if I am the opposing coach. If he is on the perimeter, he does not lower his shoulder, does not climb to the edge and does not pull the fouls.

Yet modern types of analysis would like this chart:

No average junk at all. High-efficiency stuff around the edge, complemented by three-point shots. The guy is the most useful player, so you have to pick your poison and I try my luck with eight three-point attempts instead of putting a 74% free throw shooter on the line with practice after practice.

Embiid and Simmons were the most effective defenders of Giannis on Sunday, with Joel being the only Sixer to have kept it at less than 50% of the ground while protecting it.

This is how everyone fought against Antetokounmpo:

Giannis shot six of his nine fouls with six unnamed shots by Embiid, while the other three made 45 bouts against Joel. You also see that Giannis was 5-5 from the ground when Ben or Joel did not keep it.

He said this after the match, via ESPN:

"It's easy," said Antetokounmpo. "I'd rather have Ben keep me than Joel. It's simple. If Joel has been watching me all night and he's made all this work so difficult against you, when someone turns you on – Jimmy [Butler] or Ben or [Mike] Scott or [Boban] Marjanovic – it's a lot easier. "

The Greek Freak will be in town in a few weeks, so we can see it up close and reinforce what we learned on Sunday.

Changing the rotation

On Friday night, you saw Brett Brown change Ben Simmons' substitution pattern, allowing Butler, Boban and Tobias Harris to stay together while Joel and Ben's minutes were tied. In previous games, we had seen Ben play with the old group instead of Butler, while Brown was experimenting after the February trading deadline.

I like this trio mentioned above because Jimmy Butler is a player who chooses and plays solitaire, while Harris is similar and has known Boban since forever. Joel and Ben know their respective skills and have played two seasons together in the Brett Offensive. On paper, it makes sense.

The only thing about Joel and Ben's connection was that the Sixers had no one to defend Giannis when they came out of the room. Mike Scott has done his best, but when the two teams play again soon, Brett may have to see that again because Boban will not be able to do it. On the other hand, it's like a warm-up match – does Budenholzer leave Giannis in the match to continue this friendly match? He can not play the whole game and at one point he will face Embiid at both ends of the ground.

You should also consider that this may leave you with T.J. McConnell and JJ Redick, who put your rearguard to the test of defense. This is another problem to consider.

Still, mostly positive things here. On NBA.com, this trio of Jimmy / Tobias / Boban has played 92 minutes with a net score of 12.5, which is fantastic, although some of these include minutes played with Redick and Simmons as well. Embiid was hurt. However, if you have nights in the air where you can cope with Embiid and Simmons sitting at the same time, this training seems to have worked rather well in a few minutes certainly limited in recent games.


Boban's strengths and weaknesses were both exposed this weekend.

weaknesses: lateral movement, defense in space

Strengths: height, underestimated skill set

First, the strengths. I believe that Boban's vision and defeats are a little underrated and that part of his game is neglected simply because we are incredibly distracted by his size and the way he looks absolutely ridiculous to certain parts.

I interviewed Brett Brown and Tobias Harris about it on Friday night, that is, do we underestimate Boban's skill set because of its gigantic size?


I remember two weeks ago, I saw these guys playing in 1v1, it was Ben, Jimmy and 7'4 "Boban. He is clever. He can pass out of the post, he has ups and downs, he has his right hand, his left hand and he can make a free kick. If it's your argument, that it's so big that you miss the fact that it's good in other areas, I totally agree with you. He was a sensational pickup.


I think it's because the guys have not really seen that much this year, just bursts, but he has more to do with his game. We were trying to shoot him three (Friday night). He has more games in his game than he has yet to play. At his height, he is also very strong. He is not an easy guy to move. I think half the time it's more rude than it's asked for, but I think it's going to get more calls with more representatives.

It's nonsense some of the things that make it look really childish just because of its size:

I'm just wondering how he's going to be effective in the playoffs. You can not play it against Giannis and Al Horford is too stretchy and too slippery to be pursued. After the first round, where you will shoot Andre Drummond or Jarrett Allen, we will have to see if any new clashes make sense to him, because I think he's a clever guy, who does not just behave great. You have to pick your places with Boban in your lineup because he is a unique guy with unique strengths and weaknesses.

Other notes:

  • Friday night, Nemanja Bjelica had a whim who had agreed to make an agreement with the Sixers this summer before giving in and deciding to go to Sacramento.
  • Congratulations to former Sixer Corey Brewer, who wore fantastic glasses in his headband.
  • The in-game interview must be shot in the sun. Seriously. Brett Brown and Mike Budenholzer speak before the ET match after the match. They do not need to speak to the sideline reporter after the first or third trimester. Get rid of it forever.
  • T.J. He had a few moments in the Bucks game where he seemed to be a handicap. The fault on Giannis to finish the 1st quarter was a game so atypical for him.
  • JJ shot the ball well in both games. Looks like he got out of the funk he was in. The Sixers are so much better when he hits, especially at the start, which helps them to take an offensive pace.
  • No problem in business this weekend, just 10 against Sacramento and 13 against Milwaukee. This average (11.5) would make the Sixers first place in the league.

I leave you with the posters of Giannis / Ben earlier. I have to admit that when you do this as a trade, there is not much that arouses a reaction from you, but I gasped twice watching these two live plays, and then I did it again. watching a tape:

Happy Monday.

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