Ted Sarandos of Netflix mocks Apple and Disney about new streaming services


EXCLUSIVE: "Absolutely!", Ted Sarandos said on Monday whether his attitude to Apple's, Disney's and WarnerMedia's upcoming streaming platforms was a matter of "wear it." ".

"I have no idea what they will do until we see it," Netflix content manager told Deadline today. of the new streaming service offered by Apple, announced on March 25, and Disney + powered by Marvel, Star wars and Pixar coming later this year. "So, I really have to book comments and judgments," diplomatically added the executive about heavyweight competition in the already-saturated digital content space, which Netflix had totally dominated a few years ago barely.

However, even a diplomat would have trouble remembering his personalities in a rapidly changing media landscape, in which Hulu and Amazon have already taken a significant stake, and who will see newcomers Disney and Apple joining next year about services WarnerMedia, owned by AT & T, and NBCUniversal, owned by Comcast.

Which is exactly where Sarandos went Monday, frankly.

"We are competing with 500 cable channels and have entered almost every home in the world for a long time," he said with great reluctance to the idea that Netflix could be on the way to Napster while the new neighborhood kids start launching. "So it's the same team of competitors as very late in the game."

Originally a DVD delivery service in its infancy, Netflix, headquartered in Los Gatos, made its first steps in streaming in 2007, while the AOL composition sound was still a recent memory for the on-line. Having become the largest content network in the world, Netflix has launched its first significant original programming with David Fincher and Kevin Spacey. Room of cards in 2013.

In addition to its deeper anchorage, Netflix believes that the strength of its arsenal lies in the international growth of the company, which offers programs for major markets and non-English demographic data, as well as Fortress North America.

"We have to be efficient at the same time to bring Hollywood content to the world and, more importantly, all over the world," Sarandos said of the reach of the streamer in 190 countries, which essentially concerns everyone except China. "Sometimes you get something like Casa De Papel (Money Heist), it's a global sensation at the same level as Strange things in terms of how it unfolds around the world, "he says of Netflix's police series Alex Pina in 2017, which is set to launch a third season at the end of 2019.

International was actually the Netfest theme, namely that Sarandos and other Netflix directors were gathered in Hollywood. Netflix subscribers are currently viewing the service on "600 million unique devices around the world," product manager Greg Peters said earlier in the day.

These comments were followed by a session where the Vice President of the original series, Cindy Holland, joined the scene filled with sofas at Netflix's Sunset Boulevard headquarters by Bela Bajaria, the new vice President, International International Originals; Vice President of the original film Scott Stuber; and Taito Okiura, Director, International Originals – Anime.

"We are trying to reflect our audiences around the world," Holland said of regional programming and produced as the program recently picked Delhi crime. "We have a long way to go," she added.

"You can not rest too long on your laurels," he said, explaining in real terms the true parameters of the fierce wars looming.

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