A white client from a Mexican restaurant swears in front of a Spanish-speaking director

By Nicole Acevedo

A video showing a white woman swearing the general manager of a Mexican restaurant in West Virginia because she spoke Spanish became viral during the weekend.

"English is our mother tongue, so you have to speak English," said the woman, identified in the video as Jill, to Sergio Budar, the manager. "Get the f — out of my country."

One of the two videos capturing the incident shows how customers at Tampico's Mexican restaurant in Parkersburg, West Virginia, were surprised by the woman's comments.

"I am a citizen of this country, and I did not tell him that, but how am I going to go if it is also my country?" Budar, who is from Mexico and has been living in the United States for two decades, told Univision on Monday in Spanish. The Latino Rebels website first recounted the story Sunday.

While Jill continues to shout on Budar, she has "no problem with her appearance," but the man who dines with her tries to stop her from screaming because "these are good people." . "

"If you do not stop being racist, we will leave," said his mate. "It's racist, and this man takes care of me," he added, referring to Budar, "and we'll leave here because you do not talk to him like that."

Jill replied, "I'm not racist."

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