AAF is waiting, to consider Manziel if she is "clean and clear"

The American Football Alliance is in the midst of quarterback Johnny Manziel, whose contract was terminated this week by the CFL.

"We do not know," Alliance co-founder Charlie Ebersol said on Friday. "We are trying to shed light on what has happened in Canada.We want to be a league of opportunities for the best players available, assuming they are available contractually, with good health. If we can play at our level, we have to have guys who play at a level that allows every type of player to go back to the NFL.

"We are watching everyone.If it is clear and clean, we will certainly talk to him about going out for a workout."

AAF enters its fourth weekend. The commanders of San Antonio would have had the first blow to Manziel because he had gone to Texas A & M; it would go through the league waiver process if the commanders passed it.

Manziel's contract with the Montreal Alouettes was terminated on Wednesday. The league also told the other eight CFL clubs not to sign a contract for Manziel if anyone tried to sign the winner of the 2012 Heisman Trophy.

The league said Manziel, a Cleveland first-round pick in 2013 that had lasted only two seasons in the NFL, had broken an agreement allowing him to be eligible for the CFL.

Manziel had a 2-6 record as a starter last season, completing 106 passes on 165 (64.2%) for 1,290 yards with 5 touchdowns and 7 steals. He also collected 215 yards on 29 runs while Montreal (5-13) missed the CFL playoffs.

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