According to a study, men who can not do 10 pumps with an increased risk of heart disease


One study found that middle-aged men who can not perform 10 pumps have a significantly higher risk of heart attack or stroke.

The Harvard University team said that being able to perform more than 40 hassles was associated with a 97% reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease over the next 10 years.

But being able to perform between 21 and 30 pumps, meant that men were running about a quarter of the risks of diseases such as coronary heart disease or heart failure, compared to a person who could not handle 10.

"Participants able to perform 11 or more pumps at the start of treatment had significantly reduced the risk of subsequent cardiovascular disease events," the study authors wrote in a journal. JAMA Network open now.

The pumps were a better predictor of future heart health than established fitness criteria such as running and were simple to complete, making them ideal for short periods of exercise.

"Our results demonstrate that lifting ability can be a simple and free method to assess the risk of cardiovascular disease in almost any environment," said study author, Justin Yang, of the 39, TH Chan School of Public Health, Harvard.

"Surprisingly, the ability to lift was more closely associated with the risk of cardiovascular disease than sub-maximal treadmill test results. [where subjects run while their breathing is measured]. "

The study, released Friday, used fitness test data from more than 1,000 firefighters in the state of Indiana, registered between 2000 and 2007, and medical records to test diagnoses of cardiovascular disease. over the next decade.

The men were on average 39.6 years old, but they were between 21 and 66 years old. While the group had an average body mass index (BMI) of 28.7 – in the overweight range – they were all active.

Even adjusting to the different ages and weights of the participants, the group discovered a link between more pumps and longer-term health.

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However, due to the small number of heart problems 37 during the trial period and some push-up groups, they were less confident in their findings that being able to perform 11 to 20 push-ups reduced the risk of heart disease in: 64%.

This study is the first to show that pump-ups can be an effective test for the risk of cardiovascular disease, but independent experts have warned that its results should be proven in other groups – this includes less active groups and women.

"This study shows that firefighters in safety are less likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke in the next decade," said Professor Jeremy Pearson, Deputy Medical Director at the British Heart Foundation.

"The narrowing of our arteries with fat, possibly leading to heart attacks and strokes, starts early, often between 20 and 30 years of age. Keeping fit, regardless of your age, is an important way to reduce your risk. "

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