Alliance unveils uniforms for all eight chartered teams

Written by: Chris Creamer • Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The eight founding members of the new American Football Alliance unveiled their inaugural uniforms this afternoon.

With Starter jerseys and Riddell helmets, the AAF uniforms for 2019 lie between teams becoming creative, colorful and going well beyond the usual football design standards for a team dressed in football. a black and gray uniform without logo on the black helmet flank. There is something for every taste.

Until now, only one set of uniforms has been published for each of the clubs. We will take a look:


The Arizona Hotshots based their identities on the uniforms worn by US fire service fighters who help fight the flames throughout Arizona. Their jersey is gilded with an orange collar and green sleeves, an orange / gold / green stripe on each side of the jersey and extending somewhat on the pants. The helmet is gilded with a green face mask. The main Hotshots logo with two fire axes crossed over a firefighter badge-like shield is located on one side of the helmet, the player's number on the other, a band with an "AZ" pattern on the forehead. middle.


Atlanta legends wear a crown on their helmet because "legends wear crowns" as the team tweeted today. Purple and gold, the colors of royalty, like the Hotshots, their helmets wear a logo on one side of the helmet, with the number of the player on the other. The jersey is purple with sleeves and golden numerals, "ATL" at the top of both sides of the gold jersey. The pants are gilded with a solid purple stripe on each side.


Here is something we did not expect, a black and white helmet. The Birmingham Iron become black (or graphite?) From head to toe, the empty helmet at the top, the jersey with silver stripes on each side (and extending on the pants), the player's number at the # 39 before money.


The Memphis Express seems to fit Nike's vision for the NFL: the helmet has a gradient from blue to red with the logo of its main logo on the side that wraps at the back and continues the opposite style of the Seahawks. Seattle. The jersey is blue with red sleeves and collar, plain white numbers and a red stripe with several thin blue horizontal stripes; the pants are red.


The only white uniform we have seen today, the Orlando Apollos have a white jersey with blue shoulders, an orange collar and orange / white / blue stripes on each side of the jersey; like the others, this pattern of stripes continues on the matching white trousers. The helmet is blue with an orange mask and the main logo on each side. The center back of the helmet (not shown here) includes a large sticker showing the player's number in white with an orange drop shadow.

Salt Lake Standards

We saw two different helmets for the Salt Lake Stallions today, which could be a house / road option, a mistake, the uniform photo was wearing a silver shell, the helmet graphic released by the league is white, the two clear blue mask and logo images – the horse mane of their main logo. The jersey is silver with a collar and light blue sleeves, a darker royal blue for player numbers, the pants are light blue with royal blue stripes (which continues on the jersey).


Two tones of red, San Antonio's commanders have both dark red and red (?) Headphones, this two-tone design ends with an Alamo design on the back of the helmet. The jersey is red with dark red shoulders, gray stripes on the wrist and along the side of the shirt as well as dark red and finally white on the side of the pants. The pants are silver.


In one of the cases where the image of the helmet does not match that of the uniform's photo, the San Diego fleet is gray, dark gray and gold in its uniform and military-inspired logo. The imbalance of the helmet is on the central band, the graphic of the uniform shows a series of gold chevrons, while the image of the full helmet shows nothing at this place. Like some other teams in this league, the fleet uses the logo of only one side of the helmet and sticks the player number of the other.

All of their uniforms will be unveiled by their respective teams tonight at various meetings of the AAF drafting group. The jerseys will then go on sale on the official website of the Alliance of American Football.

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