Your old iPhone now has more value when you switch to a new iPhone

Apple has failed to offer much needed discounts at Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, but today has launched a significant increase in takeover credit for older iPhones. The amount you get is probably still not equal to what you would earn by selling on Craigslist or elsewhere, but the Apple option is a matter of convenience.

It should be noted that this promotion is open only for those who upgrade to the iPhone 2018 range, ie XS, XS Max or XR models. (This is a way to increase demand.) The amount of additional credit exchange you will receive depends on the phone you are giving:

  • iPhone 6 is worth $ 150, instead of $ 75
  • iPhone 6 Plus is worth 200 USD, instead of 100 USD
  • iPhone 6S is also worth $ 200, up $ 100
  • iPhone 6S Plus is worth $ 250, instead of $ 150
  • iPhone 7 worth $ 250, instead of $ 175
  • iPhone 7 Plus is worth $ 300, just $ 250
  • iPhone 8 is also worth $ 300, instead of $ 250

If you have an iPhone 8 Plus, an iPhone X or a newer version, the value of your exchange is not affected by the promotion, which should last all year and until 2019.

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