Amazon will let brands issue takedown strikes on fake ads


Instead of going through the tedious process of reporting false ads, brands will be able to select them to remove them. For the last few months, Amazon has been testing the "self-service" approach with some fifteen brands and is deploying it to a larger number of companies. He says that he ultimately wants all brands to join the program. The tool seems similar to the YouTube strike system that requires it to respond to claims for copyright infringement through notifications and withdrawals.

Although sites like Facebook also impose user responsibility for creating content reports, they do not let them remove offensive content themselves. Instead, this task is performed by unlucky human algorithms and moderators. That's not to say that Amazon is turning its back on automation. Project Zero will always rely on the company's algorithms, which daily scan more than 5 billion product list updates for counterfeits.

The third part of the new program is powered by unique serial codes for each product unit. The marks print them and stick them on an article or a package, which allows Amazon to scan it to verify its authenticity when it enters a warehouse. Amazon boasts that Project Zero will accelerate its large-scale anti-counterfeiting action to "drive [fakes] to zero. "But seen with all his other schemes, it's hard to say if that will be all that makes sense.

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