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Amazon, you may see fewer counterfeits

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Amazon transfers responsibility for processing counterfeit items to other companies.

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Amazon is trying to clean up its site by streamlining its anti-counterfeiting process.

The e-commerce giant said on Thursday that it was giving brands more responsibility to eliminate fakes by allowing them to highlight ads to be removed through its new Project Zero program.

As its name suggests, Project Zero is an initiative designed to eliminate Amazon counterfeits through a combination of its own automated protections and the vigilance of other companies.

Until now, the slowness of the reporting process forced brands to highlight fake articles, after which Amazon would investigate. The new system gives brands more direct control over the management of such items and transmits the data to Amazon's automated systems so that they are more likely to detect counterfeits in the future.

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Amazon also adds a serial code service that creates a unique designation for each product unit. You can scan them to verify their authenticity when they visit their warehouses.

"Our goal is for customers to always receive genuine products when shopping on Amazon," said Dharmesh Mehta, Global Vice President of Customer Trust and Partner Support, in a statement.

"Project Zero builds on our long-standing work and investments in this area, allowing brands to work with us to leverage our combined strengths to act quickly and on a large scale to eliminate totally counterfeits. "

For now, Project Zero is by invitation only, much like Target. market expansion – but "works to add more brands quickly".

The name of the program is strangely similar to "Shipment Zero", which was announced last week in order to halve the carbon footprint of its shipments by 2030.

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