Android can now wake up with YouTube Music or Pandora


Pandora and YouTube Music were added as alarm options to the Google Clock app, the default Android alarm clock. The feature has been added to the 6.1 version of the application and announced by the Twitter accounts of both diffusion services.

This is not the first time you manage to stream music as an alarm using the app. Last year, Spotify was the first streaming service to get support. But the feature will be new for anyone who subscribes to these alternative streaming services. This includes Google Play Music subscribers, who already have free access to YouTube Music Premium as part of their subscription, and who Google plans to migrate to the service later this year.

Once you have updated the Clock application, you can use the new streaming options by going to the alarms section and selecting the sound option under an alarm. Each music service has its own tab, where you can select popular playlists or search through its entire library.

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