Angry anti-racist group at the viral video of the man who sprays a Muslim woman with Vanish at the supermarket

Angry anti-racist group at the viral video of the man who sprays a Muslim woman with Vanish at the supermarket. A vile video of a racist who follows a Muslim woman around a supermarket before spraying it with Vanish cleaner appeared online.
The video, filmed by the offender, shows him climbing behind the unconscious customer in a scarf and injecting him with the popular stain remover in a twisted attempt to scare them away.
He shows the bottle to the camera, giving voice comments in a gruff Nordic accent, in which he says, "Let's see if this f ** king thing works."
He then climbs behind a victim who fears his head and injects him in the back before adding: "No, it does not work".
The victim seems not to notice, or has chosen not to react, and continues to shop.
While he turns off the video, the man quickly points the camera at himself, inadvertently revealing a blurred image of his face.
During the video, he also seems to follow and target other Muslim women.
However, the poor quality of the footage makes it unclear where the incident was filmed or where it was reported to the police.
It has been shared on the Muslim community network 5Pillars and has been seen by over 1,000 of its subscribers.
Others promptly vented their disgust on Twitter, demanding that the man be found.
Pablo Diablo Bonzo wrote: "It's enough for a conviction – it's definitely an assault at the very least."
Layla Bensassi said: "These people are so mentally disturbed that they belong to caves and not supermarkets, and attacking women is a cowardly act.
"Great Britain has a serious problem in society." The baffled white idiot men feeling threatened by a woman shopping makes sense?
"Need to address this disease of mental hatred."
The clip was also shared by the anti-fascist group ABF and recorded more than 6000 views.
"It's odd that these far-right cowards are almost always targeting Muslim women, never men … as they are brave," the subtitle group said.
Commenting, John Johnson said, "This is aggression, where is the law or at least the store's staff and manager? [ad_2]


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