Another Vertical Viral Video Shows the Use of a Force Incident


For the love of all that is right in the world. Stay awake and shoot the horizontal video.

Worcester Massachusetts Police said they'll comment Monday on a video that surfaced on social media on Sunday.

Two short videos posted on Facebook seem to show police officers who stopped two men near a white van in a parking lot on Southbridge Street.

A clip shows a subject fight with an agent who brings the man to the ground while the officer starts to hit him in the head before the video stops.

The second video shows two men lying on the ground with two officers holding them back. An officer knocks one of the men in the head while another runs and starts hitting the same man in the head again. Other officers rushed to the scene with a total of six officers holding the two men before the video stops.

The police diary shows that two men were arrested on Southbridge Street during the night. Zachary Lugo, 27, of Rutland, was arrested at 241 Southbridge Street and charged with trespassing, resistance to arrest, disorderly conduct and disruption of peace. Mitchell Lugo, 23, of Worcester, was charged with the same offenses, as well as a civil rights violation indictment, also at 241 Southbridge St.

The Riviera Show Club is located at 241 Southbridge St.

According to scanner reports, several agents were called to the club's parking lot just before 2:00 am on Sunday.



33 thoughts on “Another Vertical Viral Video Shows the Use of a Force Incident”

  1. American cops really have no idea what they are doing, do they? If it weren't so serious it woukd be hilarious how poorly they are doing controlling this guy. Punching works right. Or maybe use that arm your punching with to do, oh, I dont know, anything other than limp wristed punching a man on the ground. You know actually control the suspect. It might help, just saying.

  2. Seeing just this much and not what led up to it is what causes so many problems, not having the whole story. In just these few seconds I can see the suspects  resisting the officers, get the whole story before passing judgement. The police have a hard enough time trying to do their jobs without this kind of bull.

  3. Great job officers! What was the second involved civilian doing there. Too bad the recorders were so crooked that they tempered with the recording so that we will never know the whole story until police bodycams recordings are released.?

  4. I know these guys. They’re both actually out standing individuals with family’s and good friends. They were simply the wrong people at the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s ridiculous how twisted a story can get with people who don’t know what happened creating a story online like this.

  5. Cops are not hired to go toe to toe like the criminal minded ppl think, you get combative, they have every right to beat you into submission….. They have families to go home to and ppl like this made there choice!

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