Another video of the lioness's mischief, see what happened next? | Viral video


A new video to harass the lioness in Gujarat has become viral. Some people in this video tease the lioness by showing chicken. They tied the chicken with a rope and hung it on the tree. As soon as the lioness grows towards the chicken, they pull it up. This does not happen often enough. In greed, the lioness often touches the chicken, but she is deceived every time. Even before this video came a video in which the lioness was harassed by showing the chicken like that. By acting on this video, the Forestry Department captured 7 people. Among them, the bail of the main defendant was dismissed by the court. But the question arises in front of this new video: there are so many people who disturb the lionesses in the same way. It is believed that these videos were created by these people who have come out now. By the way, the forest department can only know the truth after the investigation.
It shows not only the inhabitants insulting the proud and teasing animal for their entertainment, … On cam: Asian lioness harassed by locals
| Varun Pandey
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