Apex Legends disclosed a year ago, but no one believed it


Have you ever heard the story of Cassandra, the oracle who never ceased to reveal real prophecies that no one believed her? This story has been updated for a modern era, with Hiticonic, a Reddit user, assuming this tragic role. Hiticonic shared the map of Apex Legends 11 months before the official revelation of the match, he was greeted with scorn and shame for his efforts.

"Alleged Minimap for the game Rumored Titanfall Battle Royal", the hiticonic thread on the Titanfall Subreddit last April contained a picture of a map of what would later be revealed, Kings Canyon. However, the user added no context and received only a few responses.

But if you know well Apex Legends, you can say that this strange leak was accurate, although some adjustments were made before the game was unveiled and launched.

Not only has his subject been seriously criticized, but the strongest response has been: "I really hope this does not happen." my prejudices were very bad. He also added, "You should see my lmao inbox. ")

Some users went so far as to call hiticonic a fake in their original thread, suggesting that hiticonic was creating fictitious cards for Reddit's vote updits. One might think that the publication of Apex Legends would justify them in the eyes of his peers, but the most important comment throws doubt again on the hiticonic.

"/ U / hiticonic is a mod here," writes the venerable Awoo-. "HMMMMMMMM," ​​he adds. "I sense the intentional leaks from the development team. I am on you. "

But Respawn is an active participant in Titanfall and Apex Legends communities, and the studio confirmed the leak in a response from community leader, JayFresh_Respawn.

"Haha I remember it!" He writes. "It was a relief to see people picking on me and I thought, well, he can say I was right when next year is the right one. "

Part of Apex LegendsThe resounding success is that the game is out of nowhere. Influencers and streamers were invited to play during an exclusive weekend, which kicked off the wave of hype that led the game to develop a healthy player base. Perhaps it's better that Hiticonic's escape landed like me on the supply ship, that is, extremely badly.

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