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Apex Legends players discover new problem with booty tables after Legendary Hunt Patch

Apex Legends players appreciate all the new content introduced by the Legendary Hunt patch, but now they are discovering a bug with the latest update that has canceled Kings Canyon's crucial loot tables.

Respawn Entertainment launched its highly anticipated event in the game on June 4th, offering more skins to unlock to players and a brand new Elite queue to test their skills against the best of the game.

Although some players have noticed that the patch may have inadvertently canceled an earlier modification to the loot tables, which resulted in an increase in the number of weapons appearing in the game, while making it harder to search. of weapons and ammunition Energy.

In a Reddit article, the user 'RotomGuy' has commented on his recent games to raise awareness, hoping to catch the attention of Respawn Entertainment developers.

"Some time ago, changes were made to the loot tables," said RotomGuy. "Since squadrons and peacekeepers have been made more scarce and energy weapons and ammunition have been made more common … But in the legendary Hunting patch, these adjustments seem to have been canceled accidentally."

In addition, they point out that Lifeline's program of care had also been modified to prevent the level 4 body armor from eventually reproducing. But it seems that this too has been reversed because they have noticed how the gold objects come in order.

Similarly, players have noticed a spike in Wingman guns and Peacekeepers around the Apex Games arena. RotomGuy, on the other hand, indicates that "The triple catches appear once in a blue moon," because Havoc and the rest of the Energy options have apparently disappeared en masse.

When will an update of the recovery table be provided to Apex Legends?

It seems that RotomGuy "is waiting for an acknowledgment in the Known Issues thread, but it seems that Respawn still does not know" about the changes.

Fans are hoping developers will notice in time the introduction of a must-have update with the fix on June 2 that should bring the upcoming legend Wattson.

Time will tell if Respawn will be able to implement a fix in time for this fix, but it seems like it would definitely be appreciated by the Apex Legends community.

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