Apple claims that the iPhone XR is its best-selling phone, but without numbers

Apple's vice president of product marketing, Greg Joswiak commented in an interview to CNET that the iPhone XR is "our most popular iPhone ever since the day it became available," apparently with the goal of downplaying analyst reports earlier this week that the iPhone XR was running less well than expected by Apple.

This is Apple's first official word on the performance of new iPhones. It comes at a time when the company's lineup now includes its most expensive phones – even the "budget" of $ 750 XR costs more than any other basic iPhone – as well as information reporting reduced orders earlier this month that caused fear may be down.

And although the XR is actually Apple's best-selling iPhone, the problem is that Apple does not provide accurate figures as to the number of iPhones sold. Without concrete data, there is no way to know if the XR is a resounding success or is selling better than even lower numbers for the more expensive XS and XS Max prices. The two most expensive phones are only updated versions of the X last year, suggesting that they may sell less than expected, which would make the XR's sales stronger by comparison.

That said, while there is plenty of speculation about the future of the Apple iPhone, there may be no reason to worry, at least with regard to Apple. After all, there had been similar reports of shipping orders previously reduced with last year's iPhone X, which ultimately resulted in a significant increase in the company's revenue despite lower unit sales . And Apple's strategy in general seems to be aimed at selling fewer more lucrative devices than a race to the bottom, which may not be a bad thing.

Unfortunately, it is likely that the industry and Wall Street will have to get used to this type of uncertainty on the iPhone. Although revenue is up when Apple announces its next quarterly results, it will be difficult to judge the actual performance of new iPhones, as Apple has decided not to reveal the unit sales of its devices.

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