Apple recognizes keyboard issues with recent MacBooks


Companies like iFixit and Simple Mac might disagree. They believe that the butterfly keyboard system (which allows very fine but stable keys) is inherently fragile and that the least amount of debris can block the mechanism. It is also possible that weak sources make them vulnerable to failures. And even though any system with a third-generation keyboard is still covered by the free warranty, it's still painful to wait for a repair for a seemingly chronic problem like this, especially if you depend on it. A MacBook to make a living. There is no guarantee that Apple will implement a special repair program.

Although the number of people affected is unclear, the problem is widespread enough that some are asking Apple to drop Butterfly keyboards. They believe that Apple's reliability (not to mention the tactile feel) is in the name of a thinner design, and do not expect the situation to improve as long as Apple will not have redesigned its strategy.

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