Apple solves the problem of accidental subscription to the App Store

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If you own an iPhone with Touch ID, you will know that it is easy to accidentally trigger a subscription to the App Store. It turns out that Apple was aware of the problem and then decided to settle it.

As 9To5Mac indicates, the problem comes from the way the subscription prompts appear on the screen. You answer naturally by pressing the Home button to close the pop-up window, but if you place your finger on the button, this activates the Touch ID authentication and confirms the registration of the subscription. Basically, it's the exact opposite of what you want.

The Apple patch was spotted for the first time by the application developer David Barnard who tweeted about that:

As you can see, the hotfix comes in the form of an additional pop-up dialog that allows users to confirm the subscription or cancel the accidental registration. As Barnard comments, it's not stylish, but it will put an end to a lot of frustration until iOS 13 arrives and that Apple potentially offers a better solution.

If your device has not yet received this update and you have accidentally subscribed to a service, do not worry, there are several easy ways to cancel it. However, it seems that everyone with an iPhone or iPad is starting to see additional confirmation before the end of the week.

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