ASF dance video, female staff member, viral on social media

Senior Officials Realize that the Dance Video of the Airport Security Force (ASF) Female Staff Member is Viral on Social Media

Earthquakes felt in parts of #Punjab, including #Lahore

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  1. A Mr chaye wala, Qandeel baloch and lady like this always popular on viral videos and the end is not that good. A talent is not the only beauty and shape of body.

  2. She wanna check her market in beauty and she got it. The lady has occupied a job which she does not deserve. let her go in modeling industry and give the job to eligible one

  3. Army mein bari fahashi he!

  4. NOTICE ???? Y the hell make a big deal of non issue etc etc & BTW there r millions of Pakistani who dance with flag left & right all over including TV channels. Nothing better to do, now get a life losers.

  5. aik country aik idaaray ke respect hoti ha wo ap es terhaan say dishonour nahi ker sektay rules are for everyone she should be dismissed sorry nothing personal

  6. She is not doing in her duty hours.

  7. is ki zati life mai jo marzi kry but force ki uniform phen kr aesy nahi krna chay taha aj kal ya selfi vedio ka para sab ko chara hai but girls ko sochna chay k who feemale hen awor kal ko in ki shadi b honi hai ya move to zindgi bhar in k7 hi rehy gi so girls plz don't loss your dignity plzzzz tanx

  8. Ye kya chutiapa ha yaaaar bharti gaanay tmhare cinemas me bajte hain ajeeb chay qaum ha.

  9. You go girl full support to you love from Karachi per next time dance on Pakistani song not Indian…

  10. یہ جو لینا چاہتی ہے اسے وہ دو پولیس کی نوکری کیوں دے دی نوکری کسی لڑکے کو دو تاکہ وہ اس سے شادی کرے لڑکے کو نوکری مل جائے گی اور لڑکی کو وہ چیز مل جائے گی جو یہ لینا چاہتی ہے بے روزگاری بھی ختم ہو گی اور فحاشی بھی

  11. She has freedom to do what she likes but not in uniform

  12. Kya notice liya? Kya kiya hai is larki ne?