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August astronomy 2019: Perseid meteor shower and other reasons to look at the night sky

Among the most exciting astronomy events of the month of August 2019, there will be several opportunities to watch, events being seen over several nights.

Here are three of the best reasons to look at the sky this month, according to AccuWeather.

  • The planets align with the moon:
    August 9-11
    Jupiter and Saturn will present a show worthy of bringing out the telescope during the second week of August. The two planets will both be visible in the sky for weeks, but for three consecutive nights, it will be possible to observe the moon closely when the two planets line up. On August 9, the moon will appear near Jupiter. On August 10, the moon will appear directly between them. On August 11, the moon will appear near Saturn, providing an excellent opportunity to spot the rings of the planet with the help of a telescope.
  • Perseid meteor shower:
    August 12-13

    The Perseid meteorite rain is an annual rainfall that is often cited as one of the most popular meteor shower rains in the northern hemisphere of the year – both because it falls in good weather and because of its meteor shower high. The peak will be August 12-13, but you should be able to spot meteors in the nights before and after the peak. This year, the full August sturgeon moon arrives a few days later and will take away some of the weaker meteors. However, the Perseids have enough meteors – 100 per hour – so that the sky can still make its show.

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  • Orion returns:
    End of August
    Orion, one of the most well known constellations, will rise again towards the end of the month. The return of the iconic constellation that looks like a hunter is also a sign that fall is about to go, reports AccuWeather. You can spot it in the eastern sky just before dawn.

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