Baltimore policeman resigns after viral video shows brutal brutality

A Baltimore cop who brutally beat a man in a viral video resigned.

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  1. Looking at their juicy asses makes me so horny

  2. I wish he wouldn’t have screamed in the cops face. But there’s no excuse for that cop attacking him like that.

  3. Nobody should ever be beating another human being white or black. This is our problem we make it about race and forget morality. It is never ok to punch someone in the face 50 times. That is a terrible thing. Sorry you lose if you try to argue that point.


  5. Agree with comments below. If a cracker did that the world would burn

  6. Who cares? he probably deserved a good beating anyway.

  7. Hey black community. See how the system turns one against its own? Its the same way in the white community. Every community. We all need to stick together agaist the rising of the tide. Whaddaya say? We the people will endure.

  8. His partner doesn't hold him back because if he does then it will show that the cop is the aggressor and the one doing the assault.

  9. Damn when did they hire Steve Urkel as a cop with them high-water pants

  10. People are insane these days in America

  11. that cop is white , he undercover like black cop

  12. Would've been great if someone wouldve smashed something hard a pointy on his head. Dude with the broom probably thought about it. Good self control. But this pig is gonna end up in the pen as he should.

  13. The cops only problem was he wore white socks

  14. Baltimore cops should be ambushed

  15. Bet that cockroach don't talk shit to cops no more. 😀

  16. The guy in the pink shorts looks old to be 26. I don't know very many 26 year old with a receading hairline. The cop definitely used excessive force.

  17. This officer needs a raise .. you have to deal with garbage like garbage!! Period!!

  18. And another cop bites the dust.

  19. Black cops acts just like the trigger happy crackers In uniforms. It doesn't matter what color the skin is. A ? is a ?!!!! He should be fired and thrown in jail.

  20. I see the frustrations cops must be going through as probably the most video taped profession on earth. Trying to do a job that the media hates, the leftist hate unless they are the ones being protected, dealing with non compliant street thugs on welfare and god knows what else. In this instant I actually do not blame the Police officer at all, you want to yell in the face of another, you should reap what you sew. I think it is actually time that the National Guard and all other departments sweep through neighborhoods to rid America of thugs, and those that just want to be a vagrant. Go to a Socialist country like Venezuela or better yet Mexico and see how you do there.

  21. The worse part is how the other cop allowed it to happen. So much for protecting and serving. More like alienating and beating.

  22. I have watched white and black people cus out cop. Not many black let me tell you. And I don't know the whole story. But you can walk down the street well not if your black but you should be able to and if you have not broken a law f the police. Get out my face and don't touch me. Funny how when it comes to blacks we can't do what white people do oh no just shut up and obey. Not me I'm nat Turner

  23. Still better than getting shot

  24. F police and black police are sick uncle tom we gone eat white ? ass. Fraternal order of police wow. Working for the kkk. Dumb asses. You know how to stop a bully beat his ass and he will leave you alone. If y'all think we will keep letting them kill us it is not going to happen.

  25. I wonder if what the guy supposedly did was really that bad to be beat up like that?

  26. whew, thank goodness they were all black

  27. You want to be in the streets, this is part of that lifestyle. Dont cry when shit happens.

  28. He got in the officers face. Nothing wrong on the officers part.