Barack Obama's Bomber Jacket: Inner History


President Barack Obama in a black bomber


The most exciting part of last night's Duke-UNC match was held out of court.

One of the hottest college basketball games of the season between Duke and the University of North Carolina has turned into an eighth-sided halftone when Zion Williamson's main hope It's revealed to be too powerful for shoes made for men. Even though the game had been a barn burner, however, the most exciting news of the match could again came from the sidelines, where former President Barack Obama was sitting in an embroidered bomber jacket with number 44 – a reference to himself, the 44th president.

The jacket was crafted and embroidered by Rag & Bone, confirmed the brand to GQ in an email. You can find a similar model for $ 319 here, and your local embroiderer should be able to add numbers to the sleeve. A word of warning: getting an embroidered 44 on the sleeve will probably not have the same effect on others.

Although the bomber jacket is not exactly the most advanced style, former presidents aged 57 should be evaluated on a curve. The world of presidential fashion does not often distance itself from black and navy suits – even the tan worn by Obama has provoked a heckling. Seeing 44 in a tailored fit jacket from a cool brand based in New York is therefore quite revealing. (Especially with the current president, who uses duct tape to maintain his ties.)

Since his exit from the Oval Office, Obama has evolved beyond the frozen and sedate fashion typical of presidents. There were blows (leather jackets on chambray shirts) and misfires (father's jeans, the Allbirds that he wore with last night's jacket), but last night Obama understood that the best way to flex is to wear a jacket that no one wears the planet can.

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