Becky Lynch is back and gets a spot in the TLC match

After last night Gross SmackDown could only start in one way; L & # 39; man.

Back from a concussion, Becky Lynch had the chance to run with the microphone during the first part of the week. Smack down. Lynch did not disappoint and flanked new graphics on her intro and good beats during her promo.

the Smack down female champion had a problem and this involved Charlotte Flair. Lynch was not 100% behind Flair's performance compared to Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series. Flair was called, went out and almost came face to face with The Irish Lass Kicker.

Before things became physical, Paige had an idea and title that matched the spirit.

That's it, Flair against Lynch in the very first table match, ladders and chairs for women.

But wait, the rest of the women in the Smack down Cloakrooms are not down with Flair jumping back in a title shot.

Thank you Peyton Royce.

the TLC Pay-per-view (PPV) on Sunday December 16, 2018 at the SAP Center in San Jose, California.

So now, the main possible event of TLC Becky Lynch will defend her title against Charlotte Flair and become a determined opponent to make it a triple threat.

Would you have kept Lynch vs. Flair a match to one or do you want to add another competitor to the group?

To be complete Smack down results and coverage here.

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