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Psychemagik – "Mink & Shoes" (by Navid Izadi)

Sal saucy
Tiny monsters
Uncomfortable questions
Bad cat
Like new
And the troubles come
Real facts
Allowed via the audio network

SFX provided by Audioblocks.

Made by BFMP
Eugene Lee Yang

Wedding concept art by @aina_orozco


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  1. I use to watch these buzzfeedvideos after they were made and edited before I knew who Eugene was, then I saw the try guys and had NO IDEA Eugene had anything to do with these videos and now Eugene just makes me happy no matter what video I watch

  2. 5:16 that video clip is old, there's an iPad 2 billboard.

  3. Damn i remember i was so pissed at this vid couse there was no Pakistan in it.

  4. Can I get in front of Eugene ??

  5. "Sex… Beauty…"
    me: *sighs* Eugene…

  6. Makes sense that Jazmine (idk how to spell it) was Eugene's intern I mean look how great she turned out

  7. Eugene reminds me of a fashion Bruce Lee ?so confident

  8. dream job: walk Eugene's dogs for him

  9. Buzzfeed relies mainly on unpaid intern labor and underpaid talent that would each make millions of they had their own YouTube channel

  10. Is Eugene still working at BuzzFeed?

  11. When jazzmyne was an intern

  12. More than Eugene being hard on others I think he's too hard on himself. Now I can see how much hard work everyone puts into this. All we see are sunshine and rainbows. Well done you guys.

  13. ‘It’s kind of watery
    It’s ok
    Thank you for making this “


  14. It seems cool to work at Buzzfeed…am I the only one?

  15. Ive wanted to work at buzzfeed for a long time and seeing behind the scenes of what the workers do is awesome! It’s a little intimidating but also so interesting and worth it!

  16. Why isn't Eugene wearing a dress?
    Luv u Jazz

  17. You know what they say, if their last name isn’t Nguyen, they aren’t Vietnamese.

  18. Eugene is so hard working. I’m in love with him ? ?

  19. The start of Jazmine Yeah!

  20. I would be stressed working with him, since I'm leader type… I would kill him haha xD

  21. “Whatever loser!” The way Eugene said it!!!???

  22. 7:43 the look on jazzmyne’s face tho

  23. Me (named Liana): * leaning back comfortably against my chair *
    Eugene: Caroline, Jazzmyne… Who are you?
    Girl in video: Liana
    Eugene: Liana, okay
    Me (also named Liana): * ABRUPTLY SITS UP * I HEAR MY NAME???

  24. btw that’s a real vid that’s amazing?

  25. The way Eugene talks to the models is the best thing ever. I don't know how they don't laugh.

  26. Wow feels so weird to look at this now, as a finished film major and before I were done

  27. Anything Eugene is in charge of or acting in will go viral

  28. it's insane how much goes into a 3 minute video