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Ben Shapiro defends himself after Rapinoe's comments: "Every word I say here is true"

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro said Thursday that he was maintaining his remarks by saying that American women's football star Megan Rapinoe was receiving more and more sponsorship contracts because she was a "very frank lesbian" in addition to be a "very good football player". I say here is true. "

The defensive comments came after Shapiro received the backlash of several commentators and left-wing publications for saying that Rapinoe looked like former NFL activist Colin Kaepernick, but "with real talent."

"We are talking about Megan Rapinoe getting $ 1 million contracts specifically because of her sexuality and because she's a very, very good footballer," Shapiro said Wednesday on her podcast and national radio show.

"But let's not make a mistake, if she was a very good footballer and that she was not a very frank lesbian, she would get fewer contracts because she was perceived as a He is a kind of Colin Kaepernick but with real talent for his sport. "

Shapiro defended the comments Thursday and criticized the left-wing online publication, Media Matters, claiming that it had intentionally misrepresented it.

"Every word I say here is true," wrote Shapiro to its 2.2 million followers. "I say that she gets contracts and advertising because of her AND policy because of her great talent. That's why she's discussed on MSNBC rather than ESPN alone, and cuts political ads for Nike. "

Rapinoe was a declared critic of President TrumpDonald John Trump: The controversial platform Gab blames the White House for not having invited it to social media. GOP summit senator: The United States should "re-evaluate" their long-term relationship with the Saudis Pelosi, reported Trump: "What's your name, my dear?" MORE and has conducted several interviews with wired news organizations since the US team won the World Cup Sunday in France.

She appeared on CNN on Tuesday and on MSNBC on Wednesday. She also delivered a speech after the National Women's Team won the team's award of the year at ESPN's annual ESPN event on Wednesday.

Kaepernick has not played in the NFL since 2016 after being the first NFL player to kneel in the national anthem to protest social injustice in the country.

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