Bethesda excuses for the Fallout 76 Collector Edition bag giving money to its customers for microtransaction


Fallout 76 microtransaction bag

The Fallout 76 drama never ends, is not it? Bethesda was found in hot water once again as fans expressed disappointment at the quality of a duffel bag included in the $ 200 Power Armor Edition edition of the game.

This bag was presented as a "canvas sports bag", but the one delivered with the Power Armor edition is nylon, making it a quality drop for the least. To our knowledge, the kickback began after an Imgur user posted photos of his bag and his subsequent exchange with Bethesda customer support.

In a message, Bethesda Gear Store technical support wrote: "Due to lack of hardware, we had to switch to a nylon carrying case in Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition". Oops.

The story quickly snowballed on social media and Bethesda was forced to make a statement about it. On Twitter, the company said the following: "We understand and respect the fact that the Power Armor Edition bag is disappointing.We are sorry, please contact Bethesda Support to provide proof of your purchase in as long as 500 atoms. "

Atoms are the microtransaction motto of Fallout 76, and 500 atoms represent about $ 5. A good way to apologize for the bag? That's questionable, because 500 Atoms do not bring you nearly anything in the Fallout 76 microtransaction store. Seriously, there's power armor paint work on sale for 1800 atoms, about $ 18. Paint work. $ 18. Eighteen dollars. For a painting job.

In any case, if you are not satisfied with your bag, you can inform Bethesda by clicking on this link and filling in the necessary information. Enjoy your atoms!

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