Beto O 'Rourke on NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem | Now that

The man who faces Ted Cruz's Senate candidate in Texas, Beto O. Rourke, brilliantly explains why NFL players kneeling in the national anthem are not disrespectful.
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Watch how this hope of the Texas Senate race, Beto O. Rourke, answers the question of an audience member regarding his stance on the protest of the national anthem, the NFL takes a knee, launched by NFL player Colin Kaepernick. Hear this speech from Beto O 'Rourke, Beto O' Rourke NFL comments on the rights of NFL players to silent and peaceful protests.

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  1. I wish I could vote in Texas. The complete articulation with which he explaines these occurrences and the correct insight he brings to the explaination are worthy of Dr' King and the hundreds of other who fought, peacefully, for the right of Americans to peacefully protest injustice, as is their Constitutionally guaranteed right. Brave Beto! Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Beto, for so respectfully and completely answering this question. I agree with your position and with the NFL players who are respectfully and peaceably taking a knee to focus American people on this issue.

  3. Karpernick did consult many before his peaceful protest and they all said that it was the most respectful way

  4. So agree, let's go the word out, tell people to vote, VOTE FOR BETO!

  5. That seemed totally staged.

  6. Removing Cruz from office with anyone would be great BUT to do so with a high quality person such as Beto would be sublime!

  7. For those of you who don't live in Texas but like his message, consider donating to his campaign.

  8. Wonderfully explained, thank you!

  9. They are taking the knee for USA!

  10. Watching from the UK. I have visited your fantastic country many times. I met many many great people like this. What has happened to your country? Education? DeVos! Environmental issues? Tax breaks for the wealthy at the cost of healthcare for all. Charlottesville! Caging innocent infants. It makes me very sad. Praising Putin and North Korea trashing allies and NATO. Makes the world very scared.????????????????????

  11. Hey Texas, if you guys get him to senate, the rest of us will help get him to WH

  12. Such an eloquent answer. This man has this Austin gals' vote!

  13. A whole bunch of strong sounding smart seeming nonsense. Of course a bunch of sheep will make their decision based on a video of a guy giving a pandering answer to a softball question while manipulative music plays in the background. What about the economy and social security?

  14. I am confused, very confused! What is the goal? What does he and the kneeling American millionaires want to achieve? Do they really care about the black lives, or it's all about politics?
    Is the goal: no police, or no armed police, or police has no right to stop a black person, OR WHAT?
    And let's assume the government agreed to those demands. What's next?? Would that single mother with five kids in Detroit inner city become happy? Would the innocent black children in Chicago stop being slaughtered??
    So, what is the goal? Why are those filthy rich American millionaires kneeling? Do they really care about Black lives? Does it REALLY MATTER to them??

  15. this is beautiful. I cried watching this

  16. the biggest irony of this debate is no Vetereans and active duty members I came accross are offended by the players protesting police brutallity by kneeling for the National Anthem (notice that I DID NOT say they are protesting the National Anthem).

    But its the guys who never served or a guy who dodged the draft that is "offended."

  17. So Beto's basing his platform on things that happened over 50 years ago?  I'd love for Beto to tell an American soldier to his face what he says here.

  18. Beto takes no pac money! Vote for the man…he has his head on straight.

  19. I thought beto was another form of metoo

  20. Ghetto Beto's platform – keep blacks in poverty. flood Texas will illegal mexicans who take your jobs. Confiscate the money you earned via taxes under threat of imprisonmemt.

    It's almost as if Californians flooded Texas, fleeing broken leftist shithole California only to vote in the same policies that destroyed California in the first place.

    It is time to kill all leftists with violent prejudice.

  21. My vote it’s yours in this election and I hope all my Texans brothers and sisters will vote for you too . The change of Texas is here and that is absolutely Beto. Change that’s not happen it’s own we have to make it happen #betoforTexas

  22. He is right, but this feels staged.

  23. He knows his history, that's what some Americans forget or want to forget.

  24. ULTRA lame music over sincere words. Go to Beto's FB page for the real version not this ham fisted amateur production garbage

  25. Thank you Mr. Rourke that was the perfect answer.