Beto O. Rourke's direct response to a difficult question: kneeling in the NFL


A veteran asks Beto: Do ​​you share my frustration when NFL players kneel during the anthem?
Images recorded at the Houston City Hall, August 10, 2018. Video of Nivien Saleh.
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42 thoughts on “Beto O. Rourke's direct response to a difficult question: kneeling in the NFL”

  1. Why would someone else's peaceful protest offend you? At least for now, we have the right to legally protest anything we see as wrongful, especially those things that target mostly one segment of our society. You don't have to agree with them but you'd better support their right to have their say. Next time it might be you on the other side of that fence.

  2. I find it frustrating that we have a large group of fake patriots who found it okay to burn the American flag in protest of the Vietnam War, but lose their minds when athletes take a knee (at the suggestion of a veteran) during the National Anthem. I'm disgusted at these Trump fanatics that are trying to direct this country to the most deplorable end. They are FAKE PATRIOTS with no understanding or sense of critical thinking or reasoning, but that of blind allegiance to the guy in the white house. But you know what? There are more of us than there are of them.

  3. Great answer. He could have done what most politicians do, give an answer the guy wanted to hear so that he can make him feel good about himself, but instead he gave an honest answer.

    I support Kaepernick and others who are trying to bring awareness to the social injustice toward minorities in this country, and I will continue to boycott the NFL, this organization only cares about their bottom dollar.

  4. Beto O'Rourke wants to help Texas and Texans alike he wants to pass Bill's that will do good for our state and us Texans don't look at red or blue Democrat or Republican look at who wants to help Texas that's Beto O'Rourke he does not want to take our guns and he does not want open borders ted cruz aka lying ted is doing what he does best lying he has not done anything for Texas or Texans vote Beto O'Rourke

  5. He stated his opinion,knowing it would need to be braced up by mentioning the bad things that were done to some of us.He should have stepped back and took a look at what good happened under this flag as well. The huge steps made to right a wrong were done under this flag.I say he was not only wrong but horribly wrong ! Real men stand during the national anthem and salute the flag.I am one that will say they have a right to protest but not disgracefully. They do theirselves an injustice by doing so.I also joined the service of our great country.

  6. As an honorably discharged veteran, son of a 100% disabled veteran, and named for an uncle who died fighting the fascists, I absolutely do NOT think it is disrespectful to protest to make America better. It was the fascists and militarists and authoritarians who could not stand such protests and that is why they were weak and that's why America defeated them. Not the only reason, but a big one.

    I really admire Beto's guts to take this stand. I think the main religion in most of Texas is football, even in a lot of small towns where the high school team is the big one. Actually, that may be true for Big Spring, where I was born, though I grew up elsewhere. (I don't even know if the big base is still there, but my understanding is that I was born in the VA hospital on that base…)

  7. Don't you know except for the Indians that were treated like garbage, (still are) still live on reservations, that everyone else is an illegal alien? I have Yaqui Indian blood in me and my grandmother walked through the back door, she sat in the back of the bus, she was treated like sheot and so were the rest of my family. ALL lives matter. Not just Black people. Indians were the most massacred culture on earth! It wasn't black, all that died in the World Wars, Jews, Christians, etc. If you know History, it was the Natives! And the first slave trader was a BLACK man. God made us equal and the Natives are not being treated justly. But, do you see them crying, and whining, about Police brutality? That's because they are still being held captive and have to fight to get clean water!! Don't get me started on Police brutality when it started the day the white man first stepped on this land and it's still going on!!

  8. Damn you Texans better vote this guy in, you got a rough diamond and a future president in your hands as he's all yours, dont waste him. You'll be sorry, you know Cruz works for Trump right?

  9. It’s only a “tough question” for racists. American police are killing people, many of them unarmed, women, and small children, and getting away with it. You’re mad that people are bringing attention to that?

  10. I’m on the lookout for leaders that demonstrate honor, justice, wisdom, respect, insight, foresight and decency for this country and all its people that makes this country awesome. Mr. Beto O’rourke, you appear to be one of those leaders that this country is in need of. may you be blessed and healed to your highest good. Thank you for your service

  11. Texas please go out and vote for Beto. You don’t want a sycophant like ted cruz representing you. ted cruz only cares about his corporate backers and not the hard working middle class.

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