Betty joins the unemployment line after a viral video

Rene Folena says that she lost her job by doing what she is supposed to do

Organized by Phillip Scott

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  2. Exactly! I agree with you. There should be consequences when people don’t treat other and less fortunate people with respect.

  3. Please the cameras rolling always this whites are evill

  4. Yes we need to report them to their employers

  5. Mind your damn business next time

  6. She's probably livid and butt hurt that she got fired from her job because that's how she makes a living; but she tried to get a fellow female in trouble for trying to make a living; oh the sarcasm is hilarious??? but this situation is sad cause the white lady didn't care that it was another hard working female because that hardworking female was a woman of color. Thats what she gets; now she can mind her own business and walk up and down the streets to find a job instead of trying to get people in trouble.

  7. Why would you waste your lunchbreak just to bother someone. Man, mind your own business.

    Helping the vulnerable from this lowlife losers, trying to harrassed ppl, feeling the right to humiliate and scared them.
    This man is my hero!!?????????????✌✌✌✌✌✌??????????

  9. Nobody died she isn't harming anybody let the police do their job if they find the need.
    These racists are really so preoccupied get a life

  10. 1:46 'I was doing my job, by.. ' hey I tell people at work, talk to mac Dre about that,' 'What?' It's not my job!

  11. Wow keep on doing it white trash keep on f**** with people I can't wait to see all of them m********** going to the welfare line where they all think we at ??????????????????

  12. Always in somebody's business. Needs to be socked in the nose.

  13. permit betty should do porn with that big jelly butt

  14. Scary how she comes out here with no type of civil authority only private authority to cut anothers kite. You literally prevented a person from feed they dreams and they ancestors and family. They setup takes horrendously Long.

  15. Irish people stopped getting a pass.

  16. It's terrible that people get fired for calling the cops. Don't you know they have children to feed, and what does that person think now of that race? You think that maybe now it will make them hate them even more.

  17. They will never learn so let's keep getting them fired.

  18. Black men keep flocking to Betty and mostly she is prejudiced.

  19. The women fInd a reason to call the police. The men find a reason to shoot

  20. If it's not killing anyone then mind your own business. Glad she got canned too…nosey body.

  21. These crazy permit people must be cloning each other. They're everywhere! So insane and so ridiculous. Get a life! "Live and let live."

  22. This is what happens now! We black folks dnt trust you guys no more as soon as we see you all messing we only thing you doing one thing and that’s harassing folks

  23. Girl bye. If you were trying to help this woman get a permit then you would've said that and not ran away.

  24. This should happen every time these kind of miserable people pull this kind of shit.

    I'm not sure if her motive was racism, it looks more like Schadenfreude.

    Public humiliation is a powerful deterrent.

  25. Am I the onlyone who heard her say she was calling to get this woman a permit?? Was she lying?

  26. this is nothing new been going on for years thank god for cell phone camera?

  27. I am so glad the whole world can see the true nature of these white people, these videos don't lie.

  28. Uuummm she should have called the police on someone selling on the streets!!!!!! The little girl selling water is totally different. That was a grown woman setting up a shop on the street. She effects brick and mortar businesses that pay high over head. Look up los angeles. Illegal immigrants ALL OVER selling merchandise in tbe streets not paying taxes! I've only watched a few of this man's videos but he is not an advocate for Black people.

  29. My people, we are forced to deal with the grandchildren of Adolf Hitler.. FACT$!!

  30. What's up with all these chunky ass white women who got so much time on their hands.