Beyoncé and Jay-Z have just made a powerful statement about Meghan Markle

Beyoncé and Jay-Z simply prostrated themselves before their royal confrere: Meghan Markle. A portrait of the Duchess of Sussex in a wreath appeared behind the couple while they jointly accepted the prize for best international artist (group) at the BRIT Awards for their album. All is love, that they published together as Carters. It was a powerful statement of support for the newest member of the British royal family, who was recently defended by a series of renowned friends against media control and rumors of gossip.

In accepting their video for their BRIT Award, Bey and Jay have pieced together the iconic scene of their video clip for the song "Apeshit", in which both Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum (which subsequently saw a healthy increase in the number of visitors). This time, they were in front of a Markle portrait, which they then turned to face the deference after expressing their thanks.

The seven-month-old Duchess of Sussex was recently defended by George Clooney, who claimed she was "pursued and defamed" by the particularly brutal press of the United Kingdom. This treatment is nothing new: throughout the year 2016, the Kensington Palace issued an unprecedented statement about Prince Harry's relationship with his girlfriend at the time. "Some of these things have been very public – the smear at the front page of a national newspaper; the racial nuances of the comments; and the pure and simple sexism and racism of social media trolls and comments in web-based articles, "reads. Markle is biracial and his marriage to the royal family marked a new era for the country's monarchy.

It is understandable that the Internet has become wild at the moment between the British Royal Dynasty and an American dynasty – and everyone wanted to know if the portrait was really hanging in the house of the Carters. (Vogue Michelle Ruiz, contributor, noticed that the portrait came from an issue of Kappa Kappa Gamma The key magazine.) If not, can we order it?

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