BioWare unveils details of its upcoming "Anthem" demo


With the new year coming up, there are many great possibilities for what lies ahead in the world of video games. But one thing is for sure: BioWare game fans will have a lot d & # 39; fun.


This is because we are a few weeks before the arrival of a first demo for Anthem, the huge new adventure that will take place in February. And although the developer did not specify what we could expect, Michael Gamble provided some tips. You may want to start planning your free time now because you will not be bored.

Some fans have asked Gamble for details, and here's what we can expect, based on what he has explained so far on Twitter:

First, you will be able to level up in the game, although the maximum level should be around 10 to 15. However, the progress of the demo do not postpone in the final game, unfortunately. You can see this tweet below.

Regarding what you can do in the demo, the answer is, well, not bad in fact. Gamble explained how he will have multiple missions, as well as a fortress to support and gameplay games that surround the game's solo hub, Fort Tarsis.

For good measure, a little "freeplay" will also be included, so you can move. However, again, keep in mind that progress will not be carried forward into the full game.

This certainly has some enthusiastic players for what will come up with Anthembecause the full game will provide hours of great things to discover, alone or with your friends. Now the real question is who will be up to the challenge. We know that our fire team is ready to go and this demo will be the testing ground for that …

Anthem Released February 22, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin PC.

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