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Bliss of the girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson's sister Félicité

The boyfriend of Louis TomlinsonSister Felicite shared an emotional tribute after her tragic death.

As stated previously, Félicité, 18, found dead Wednesday, March 13 at his home in London, after apparently suffering a heart attack. L & # 39; former A direction The singer has remained silent since the announcement of the devastating news, but Felicite's boyfriend, Luke Storey, shared a heartbreaking tribute in which he describes the model as "one of the nicest, most adorable and purist I have never met this world. "

The long message has since been deleted, but fans have quickly taken screenshots. In his message, Storey revealed that there were "no words to say how painful it is" and that he wished it was he who died and not she. "In many ways, you were my first and only fan who always spoke to me about my music, telling me how important and encouraging it was to write more and more," he said. he wrote. "We understood each other from the start."

"It's as if it should have been me, and a bad dream I'm going to wake up soon," he continued. "I do not stop crying, have not eaten or slept since I heard the news.I would have liked to be able to do anything, no matter what not to let that happen." The last thing you said to me, is to call me "bubba" for whom you were proud to cleanse yourself again. "

"It could have been me, or anyone in our circle of maniacs, I think it should have been me," he added. "I'm sorry I do not have anything else Felicity, you've honored me in such a short time and I'll miss you forever, I know you want me to stay pure and that I continue to create for what I will do until I come and pick you up from the other side. "

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