Bout You – D & E #BoutDnE Viral Video Contest (ELF Colombia)


& # 39; Bout You- Super Junior-D & E.

Our viral video #BoutDnE ????? We made this video with great love to support this beautiful song of my charmer, Donghae and Eunhyuk.
We also had fun while we were doing it ?

This song spreads the joy of everyone and with their words we can feel well identified in those moments where you love a person to the point of wanting to read it as the best book that has passed through your eyes … want to know everything

In short, this song makes me happy from head to toe! Continue Let's continue to support #DnE ???? who worked so hard and made a wonderful song to smile, dance and fall in love! ??

Thanks to my friends who have supported and helped me so sincerely ?? We hope you like it ?

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