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A mysterious hand coming out of the pits of hell.
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Neil Marshall's Hellboy is a reboot that makes the hardware source little justice in terms of the quality of the adaptation, but it is full of head marks and comic book references, one of which suggests that, at least in theory, there could have been future film projects.

As hard as sitting Hellboy In other words, those who have the stamina to stay in the theater after the start of the credits are treated with a pair of stingers that further build the established world in the movie. Hellboy may have saved the battle in this battle against the bloody queen Nimue, but many other terrors have been designed to make the end of time hover.

One of the few interesting twists Hellboy manages to hint that the film's apocalypse means that Hellboy is fulfilling his destiny by using his demonic right hand, when in reality, shit starts to hit the fans when Nimue unleashes a magic scourge on the world. In his quest to know how to defeat Nimue, Hellboy moves away from the dimension where the ancient witch Baba Yaga is trapped and, thinking to be able to give him advice, Hellboy agrees to give him one of his eyes in exchange. for information. Unbeknownst to Hellboy, Baba Yaga is actually the person who starts HellboyThe events are in motion when she gives the idea to the demon Gruagach to resurrect Nimue. Because Hellboy has no reason to argue his point of sale, he finally decides to flee Baba Yaga's house with both eyes and, angrily, the witch promises him to inflict a curse that will destroy the thing. he likes the most.

After Hellboy returns to Earth, Baba Yaga will no longer appear in the film and it is unclear whether the curse to which he has been subjected is real and if you are witnessing its consequences. In the final battle against Nimue, Hellboy's adoptive father, Trevor Bruttenholm, is murdered and, given the tension that has reigned since the beginning of the film, could see his death as the great loss promised by Baba Yaga.

But HellboyFull of deaths, and moments after his death, Bruttenholm is able to return in spectral form thanks to the ability of Alice Monaghan to channel the spirits. But HellboyThe mid-generic scene where Hellboy falls on the ghost of Lobster Johnson (played by Thomas Haden Church) in a graveyard gives the impression that a number of dead humans have the potential to come back into as ghosts, which means that their presence in the movie itself is not really faded away. Only until the post-generic scene of the film does it become clear that Baba Yaga did not give up his goal of stealing Hellboy's eyes. She explains to a person off the screen that the look is bad and that she is ready to hire someone to get it back:

"I've had enough, kill Hellboy and bring me his eye, can you do that, I'll grant you your greatest wish: I'll finally let you die."

Although the person with whom Baba Yaga speaks is never named or seen, this strongly implies that it is Koshchei, a man who has become immortal after a dragon has risen from the dead, has separated his soul from his body and hid his soul in an animal that Baba Yaga now has in his possession. Because Baba Yaga holds Koshchei's soul hostage, she is able to force her to do what she wants and her immortality makes him an invincible asset.

Baba Yaga introducing Koshchei with an opportunity.
Title of image: Mike Mignola, Duncan Fegredo (Dark Horse Comics)

Although the details are slightly different, the offer of Baba Yaga to the invisible character seems to be based on parts of Mike Mignola and Duncan Fegredo. Hellboy: calls of darkness Baba Yaga tries to assassinate Hellboy with a variety of monstrous creatures of Russian folklore, such as Koshchei. Considering how HellboyPlaying at the box office, however, it does not seem like this story will be part of a sequel anytime soon.

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