Disney / Lucasfilm Donates $ 1.5 Million to FIRST – TechCrunch

One day after the grand unveiling of episode IX, Disney and its subsidiary Lucas Film announce a $ 1.5 million donation to FIRST. . The non-profit group was founded by Dean Kamen in 1989 to help teach STEM through initiatives such as robotics competitions.

Disney's money will go to educating and raising awareness of underserved communities that FIRST focuses on. The details do not specify exactly what the partnership will involve, but Disney certainly has a lot to gain from this type of broadcast – and Lucasfilm knows a thing or two about robots.

The Star Wars: Force for Change announcement was made as part of Lucasfilm's annual Star Wars celebration in Chicago. Yesterday, the event hosted a panel with the cast of the next film that included a trailer and an unveiling of the title.

"Star Wars has always inspired young people to look beyond what is and imagine a world beyond," Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy said in a news release. "It is crucial that we communicate the importance of science and technology to young people. They will face the global challenges ahead. To support this effort, Lucasfilm and Disney partner with FIRST to provide learning opportunities and mentorship to the next generation of innovators. "

It was a good week for FIRST's investments. Just yesterday, Amazon announced its own commitment to the group's robotics offerings.

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