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Brodie Van Wagenen updates Mets situation

The Mets were a little shaken in their paddock Saturday.

Tyler Bashlor was officially returned to Triple-A after serving as Friday's 26th man, as was Tim Peterson, while Chris Flexen was put on the list of the big league. In addition, the Mets acquired RHP Brooks Pounders of Cleveland in exchange for financial considerations. To make room on the list, Hector Santiago was officially designated for the assignment.

Flexen, a right-handed player, has played two games with the Mets this season, scoring 0-2 with an 11.12 lead. In the past three years, he has played in 20 games with the Mets, scoring 8.70 in six sets.

Pounders, a 6-foot-5 right-handed pitcher, played 38 games in three major league seasons, one with the Royals, Angels and Rockies. He averaged 8.92 while he started 38.1 innings.

By GM Brodie Van Wagenen, Flexen and Pounders will be activated and available to exit the Mets pen on Saturday.

"I think we have and will continue to look for ways to improve our office," Van Wagenen said before Saturday's game. "I do not think that this group or our fans are surprised to see that we have lost some games here and we have had the opportunity to win, so we will continue to look for all possible options to try to win. " create a little more success for the last nine outings of the match. "

And while saying that the team will always continue to look for ways to improve, it has also given a vote of confidence to the group as it currently exists.

"We have a good group of guys working hard," said Van Wagenen. "They work hard, they have talent, and for the moment, we will continue to be proactive in trying to find solutions that help them to be more consistent and obviously give some extra chances for guys to come here and contribute Also this group is not going to resign and we will continue to work together to try to make the most of them. "

Jeurys Familia awarded four earned runs on Friday, including two Cardinals home runs, which ultimately sentenced the Mets. Asked about Familia, Van Wagenen stressed the need for coherence of the right.

"We are happy that he is in good health," said Van Wagenen. "The ball comes out of his hand, he's got some speed, he's moving on the fastball, we just have to get a little more consistency, he was electric the other night at Yankee Stadium." He showed signs when he came back from Illinois, he's the same man he's always been and we're confident he can go back to where he was. "

As for Edwin Diaz, who lost the match suspended on Friday, Van Wagenen said his past experience bodes well for the closest bouncing after two mediocre outings.

"I think that there is volatility in the game through the game," said Van Wagenen. "Edwin has a track record in the performance, he has been very good for us, he has had some tough outings, yesterday was tough but he's going to bounce back and we're going to make sure we put resources into the best version. of himself too ".

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