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Bun B shoots a southwestern Houston home intruder

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – Houston rapper Bun B and his wife are safe today after the rapper fired at an alleged home invader at his home in southwest Houston.

Houston police said around 5:45 pm On Tuesday, the doorbell rang at Bun B. His wife responded, thinking that he was a delivery man.

Police said the armed suspect, identified as DeMonte Jackson, wore a mask and demanded property.

What do you know about Bun B?

The wife of Bun B led the thief to their car and, hearing the commotion, Bun B grabbed a gun and got off, police said.

Bun B confronted the suspect in the garage and fired several times. Jackson escaped on foot and then went to the hospital for treatment for a gunshot wound, according to HPD.

Jackson has been arrested and is now facing three counts.

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